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New CP300 SK "Sharker"

22 April 2016

New CP300 SK

Promove is glad to introduce the Sharker, the new CP300SK, a 320 Kg range Crusher specifically designed to fit excavators ranging from 2 to 10 tons with the innovative hydraulic booster combined with the widest jaw opening of its category leading to the highest performance ever .

Such smart system has the aim to multiply the inlet pressure by increasing the crusher’s closing force in specific situation, auto-recognizing when the booster is necessary .

This results in three performance advantages:

The lowering of fuel consumption, very important in the long term cost-saving.

An improved cutting force making the crusher extremely reliable and performing both in primary and secondary breaking.

The time working reduction with a faster cycle.

Adding to these, the crusher has a package all included with a reversible 4-edge blades and an easy to change teeth accordingly to our customers’ needs and requests.

Completely manufactured from HARDOX 400, the abrasion most resistant steel, the CP300 HP perfectly fits with inside demolition, ensuring the best performance in hard and tight space conditions such as small quarries and narrow, without any restrictions.

To keep and maintain the excellence and the best quality of our products lowering the upkeep, Promove equipped the “Sharker” with a 5µ high pressure filter system to avoid booster damages and to extend its lifespan.

The perfect combination of increased productivity, outstanding reliability and lowest maintenance requirements is always improved for our customers’ need from across the globe, combined with our recognized excellent support and after sales service, outlining the best overall quality of Promove Demolition Equipment.